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Published on November 11, 2021

Google announced last year that it would be shutting down its URL shortening service. Since March 30, 2019, the company has closed access to the console. There it was possible to manage existing links and view analytics on them, upload data in CSV format. All short links already created will continue to work. The service was launched in 2009, but it is closed due to the fact that since that time many similar services have appeared. Instead, you can use our site to shorten your links. We have a lot of useful tools for organizing marketing and obtaining link statistics.

An overview of our link shortening service Taty

You can easily get link shortening tools from us:

  • Anonymously here you can get a shortened link in one click.
  • If you register, you can set up short links for free and get data on views. The settings include a name for the link, you can also choose yourself.
  • A compact, visually attractive link is an important part of an advertising campaign for any Internet resource. A short address is easy to share, easy to understand and remember. With the help of a compressed URL, you can track statistics, analyze the flow of visitors.

The URL shortening scheme is simple: a long link is sent for processing to the service, which stores it in its database and assigns it a key that serves as a new address (when clicking on it, the user is automatically directed to a regular (long) address). The link shortener is a simple and handy tool that you can use online. To do this, you just need to enter your URL in the proposed line and get a ready-made short link. Some services offer, in addition to trimming, statistics with various parameters.

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