Short links: where are they needed, why and what to do

Published on November 11, 2021

Everyone has seen short links. We will tell you how short links work, why they need to be created and when short links cannot be used, well, not at all.

How it works

You find a special service, they are called that, "short link services" or link shortener. There, as a rule, there is only one field - insert a long link into it, press the button. You get a short link.

If you look under the hood, then at this moment the following happens:

  1. The service takes your link and saves it to itself. Let's call the place where he saves it, "memory cell".
  2. The data in this memory location is hashed, that is, it is recoded so that the link receives a unique short "key".
  3. A short version of the same link is generated according to a specific algorithm. It is assigned the same key.
  4. The service gives you a short version of the link. If you click on it, a redirect will work - and you will find yourself at the address of a long link.

Something like this, if simplified. The "key" in this scheme is needed so that the link leads to the right place, and not to some "left" address.

Where and when to use short links

These are the very cases:

  1. SMS messages. In this case, a short link is a guarantee that your newsletter will fit into one SMS. Shorten - especially important for landing pages (for example, promotions), which are usually located on the main domain and have long links.
  2. Social networks with a limit of characters per post. On Twitter, every character counts, although, if you remember, before the characters were given in half. Change the long link to a short one - and there is still room for "buy now", profit.
  3. Social media advertisements. Almost everyone has limitations. Although there are separate fields for links in advertising profiles, if you want to place it in the text, it is better to use a short one.
  4. Social networks without the ability to put active links. Instagram has long used the hack “look for the link in the profile”, but you can add links to the text. Relevant if you have several links in one post. It is easier to copy a short link from the text even from a mobile device, and if it is also easy to remember, you can even type it by hand.
  5. Videos. It is clear that the hack "link in the description" has not been canceled, but this is if the viewing takes place directly on YouTube. And if the video is embedded somewhere: in a post, in a social media feed? A simple link on the screen - and the likelihood that your client overcame laziness grows exponentially.
  6. Outdoor advertising. Once upon a time, marketers promised us the QR revolution, but it only happened in China (in Asia, kuars are really used). So a short and meaningful link on a billboard or flyer is quite a working solution.

I want a link with my address. So it is possible?

Yes, you can use our service for advertising analytics and marketing statistics of your companies. Our link shortening service will be free for all users.

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